Moving Home

Moving home or business, or recently moved?  Have the previous occupiers still got access to keys to the property?

  • Do any of their friends have access to the keys for your property?
  • What about your new neighbours?
  • Have any builders or other contractors got keys to the property?
  • What about any earlier occupiers?

There are numerous possibilities.

You can see that there could be many sets of keys to your home or business premises in circulation, which is not very comforting.

You should always change your locks when you move into new premises, for peace of mind at least.  You should endeavour to use insurance approved locks or your policy could be invalid (see Insurance Policy Requirements) 

You could also find yourself missing keys when you move into a new home or business as the previous occupiers lost them.  Have you got all the keys you need?  What about the window locks?  You should make sure that you are able to open all doors and windows as the one that you are unable to open may prove to be your best escape route one day.